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1. Hosting services should be used only for legitimate purposes.

1.1 Illegal actions include (but are not limited to the following) — sending out viruses or other harmful components, spreading drugs, attempting unauthorized access to computer systems,
piracy (distribution of copyrighted materials in violation of copyright), gambling, deception schemes, sending unsolicited advertising and information — spam, using an incorrect or non-existent return address in e-mail, as well as any incorrect actions,
which may entail a violation of the rights of third parties. Inappropriate actions are the distribution of private information about a person without her consent, violation of intellectual property rights, spreading defamation of a natural or legal person, or other actions that violate the current legislation of Ukraine.

2 The Contractor may refuse to provide services to the Customer if his site creates a significant load on the server, thereby causing damage to other sites located on the server.

1.3 It is forbidden to post pornography, any material of a sexual nature and crack / hack materials.

4 It is forbidden to use hosting to organize torrent trackers, free / paid mail service with the organization of the mailbox registration interface directly on the site.

1.5 It is forbidden to install software that initiates external connections, such as IRC or proxy servers;

1.6 Prohibited actions
aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of Internet elements (computers, other equipment or software), at obtaining unauthorized access to Internet resources and the subsequent use of such access, as well as the destruction or modification of software and data,
not owned by the user, without coordination with the owner of this software or data or with the administrator of this resource.

1.7 It is prohibited to take actions to transfer to computers or equipment of third parties nonsensical or useless information.
creating an excessive (parasitic) load on these computers or equipment, as well as intermediate network sections, in volumes exceeding the minimum required to verify the connectivity of networks and the availability of its individual elements.

1.8 It is prohibited to take actions to scan network nodes in order to identify the internal structure of networks,
security vulnerabilities, open port lists, etc., without the explicit consent of the owner of the checked resource.

2. Ensuring information security and data integrity.

2.1 The Contractor ensures the basic information security of the servers and resources of the Customer within the limits determined by the usual conditions
unless expressly stated otherwise in the Treaty.

2.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for the possible theft of the Customer’s passwords, but at the Customer’s request, it will promptly change the password. In case of loss / theft of the access control parameters for the account control panel,
they are restored by the Contractor in the order of processing letters by sending an application from the contact email to the Customer. In case of lack of access to the control panel and contact email, the application shall be submitted in writing. For organizations — on letterhead, with date, outgoing number, stamp and signature of the head;
for individuals — with a copy of the passport, date and personal signature. The application can be pre-sent by fax, and then by mail, or submit in person to the office of the Contractor. In case of doubts about the authenticity of the received documents, the Contractor reserves the right to request additional documents,
identifying the identity of the applicant.

2.3 The Contractor shall back up the static information of the Customer placed on the Customer’s resources on its own schedule, unless such a schedule and procedure for creating backup copies are specifically stipulated in the terms of the Agreement. DO NOT backup mail messages and log-

2.4 In cases where the loss of information occurred through the fault of the Contractor, it takes all necessary measures to restore information as quickly as possible.

2.5 In the event that the data loss was caused by the actions of the Customer, data recovery is performed by email to admin@conturov.net,
in order of processing the request queue.

2.6 When any change in the status of the domain on the account (add, delete, made alias, transferred), mail of this domain is automatically deleted.

2.7 The use of the resources of the Contractor’s systems is subject to the following restrictions:

The maximum size of a single mailbox is 200Mb;
The maximum frequency of calls to the mailbox using the POP3 protocol is 10 times per minute;
Reception of mail for non-existing mailboxes (shipment to the postmaster mailbox) is automatically terminated when more than 100 emails are received per hour;
The limit for receiving letters for one domain is 240 letters per hour;
Maximum server load not more than 5 percent
The maximum number of simultaneous connections to the mail system from a single IP address is 15.
Maximum simultaneous CPU load: 50 percent processor core
Maximum simultaneous use of RAM: 512MB
The maximum duration of a query to MySQL: 30 seconds
Maximum number of disk operations: 20 operations / sec
Maximum number of simultaneously processed requests: 10
If the Customer exceeds these limits on the use of resources, the Contractor may suspend the provision of services to the Customer until the causes of the system overload have been eliminated.
Exceeding these limits causes system overload and degrades the virtual hosting service. In case of exceeding the specified limits, the Customer undertakes to work on optimizing the site (resource) that creates the load.

2.8. The contractor has the right to unilaterally change the restrictions listed in paragraph 2.
7 of this Annex, to improve the system as a whole and improve the quality of services provided.

3. Rules for returning money for hosting services

3.1 The customer may request a refund of paid funds if:

Hosting parameters do not correspond to those stated on the site at the time of order.
Hosting server is unavailable for more than 48 hours.

The Contractor does not return the funds if:

The requested refund is “not motivated” (for example: the Customer decided, without good reason, to refuse the paid hosting tariff).
The customer has violated the rules described in this document.

3.3 If a refund is possible and does not contradict the Rules, the Customer writes a request with an email,
On which the hosting rate is activated. The contractor returns the paid funds, less the used, within 10 working days.

4. Rules of the technical support service.

4.1 Technical support service manages and controls the work of technical equipment and system software,
ensures the provision of proper service to the Customer within the limits stipulated by the contract, and also processes the following Customer requests:

requests for making changes to configuration files in cases where such changes cannot be made by the Customer, as well as installing standard software
in case of its absence on the server.
localization and elimination of problems associated with the operation of services provided under the contract.

4.2. Processing of letters on all issues is carried out on weekdays, from 9.00 to 18.00.

3 The change of account holder is carried out on the basis of a written application of the established sample from the current account holder. For individuals, a copy of the passport is attached to the letter. Any other actions
related to the change of the Customer’s data (affecting the Customer’s files or his data in the Contractor’s database) are performed only upon receipt of an application from the contact address or from the account control panel.

4.4 The customer can contact the technical support service by phone for verbal answers,
However, all actions related to changes in the configuration of servers or other data are performed ONLY upon receipt of the application from the contact address or from the account control panel.

4.5 Requests for other channels (in particular, ICQ) are not official. ICQ and similar tools are considered only as a means of personal communication.

6 The technical support service is not obliged to provide advice on programming, web design, customization of scripts and programs of the Customer and other similar issues. Such advice may be provided under an additional agreement or be an initiative of a specific employee.